SFA has the expertise to develop tailor-made concepts. This means that we work with your ideas to develop unique injected molded packaging solely to suit your specific wishes.

After studying your list of requirements there are 3 stages to go through:

  • Doing the drawings, which are presented to you digital
  • Making a prototype
  • Making the moulds

The main advantage of Tailor Made Packaging is that we determine beforehand whether the form we are developing is technically possible in the injection molding or the thermoform process.

At the same time we carefully bear in mind all the technical aspects within the final production process of the packaging (times of production runs, weights etc.) enabling us to keep a close eye on the cost price-technical aspect.

In this way we create well-balanced concepts in which form, cost, mould capacity and stability of the output of your product are linked together in a carefully thought out process.

We do not charge you for the digital development and presentation.

From design to production

After an inventory check of your wishes and demands, 3 stages have to pass through:

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