Your partner for injected molded packaging

Our package sells your product

We provide our clients with the largest range of injected molded packaging in Europe. With solutions that are clever, reliable and attractive and meeting all requirements in terms of quality, health and safety, hygiene, customer service and environment.

We give the product a platform which really does it justice.

To make it easier for you to sell !

Why SFA?

  • Specialist in injected molded packaging for the food industry
  • Large assortment in plastic packaging with sealing
  • Packaging from 90 millilitres to 42 litres
  • Nearly all of our packaging is available with IML or print
  • Development of tailor made concepts
  • Continuous innovation

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Tailor made packaging

SFA has the expertise to develop tailor-made concepts. This means that we work with your ideas to develop unique packaging fully tailored to your specific requirements.


Besides Tailor made SFA offers a wide range of standard packaging in an excellent value for money. You can select a product here with the possibility to request a quote.

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